Coalition on Human Trafficking's Annual Inter-denominational Prayer Service

January 13 (Saturday), 10:00-11:15 a.m.
St. Leo's Catholic Church, 1920 N. 102nd Street

Please join us in supporting the Coalition's work as we gather to listen to survivor stories, and offer our shared hope for justice and healing.  Note:  we are so thankful to the Coalition for collecting paper goods for Magdalene Omaha at this event -- please bring paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper to support our residential recovery program.  We're also very grateful that they are sharing monetary donations received with us as well.
The Coalition has been a fantastic partner with Magdalene Omaha since we were just an idea, and we enthusiastically applaud the significant difference they have made in the fight against trafficking locally!
Volunteer Orientation

January 22 (Monday), 7:00 p.m.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 84th and Pacific Streets

(Parking lot entrances from 84th or Pacific, but we’ll meet downstairs - use the door closest to the Pacific Street entrance)
Interested in becoming a volunteer in the Magdalene residential program or at Thistle Lights?  Come find out more at our January Volunteer Orientation.  We are so grateful to our wonderful and faithful friends, St. Andrew’s ECW Chapter, for generously offering to be our hospitality hosts this month!
All volunteers need to go through an orientation.  There, we will update you on program details and our progress to date.  This also is a time to help each of you identify the unique ways that you can get more involved in this community!  
If you can attend, please email Tesa Miller at tesa@magdaleneomaha.org to RSVP -- we need to know how many people to expect to give an accurate count to our hosts and bring sufficient materials.  Do not worry if you cannot attend this one -- we will continue to offer orientations  on a recurring basis.
Celebrate the Recovery Movement!

January 31 (Wednesday), 7:00 p.m.
Trinity Cathedral, 113 N. 18th Street

Our residential program is strongly connected to 12-step recovery programs.  Many people are not aware that an Episcopal priest, Sam Shoemaker, helped the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous to develop the 12-steps so many of us rely upon today.  On January 31, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is holding a celebration of Father Shoemaker’s legacy, 12-step recovery programs, and those who are a part of them.  All monies raised during a collection taken that evening will be evenly split between two programs serving women in recovery:  St. Monica’s in Lincoln and Magdalene Omaha.  We hope to see you there!